Beech Midget


A box of stuff. Species, elements, remixes and photos.

Welcome to my website!

Update 3 Feb 2018
I've been using Blender to do some Doctor Who original animation - check it out!

Update 3 Feb 2018
Periodic table update!

I'm a guy from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I blog sporadically about cool stuff in general and recording and rearing moths in particular, livened up with a few photos and videos. I'm a sucker for Doctor Who and composed my own arrangement of the theme music which ran to 84 iterations and drove my family up the wall. Lately I've been editing Wikipedia, curating a customisable periodic table and crunching the county distributions for the NI micro-moth checklist. And now I'm designing a website from the ground up as a hub for my adventures. You're reading it now. Happy rummaging! :)


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