Beech Midget


Sorry about the Dalek. Also the showin' off...


You have just crossed the event horizon.
Persons with an allergy to stochasticity should EpiPen now.

For your Emmy consideration this Hallowe'en: two blogs with a foot of dust about any aul' gubbins and recording and rearing moths, brought to life (or undeath at least) with a few photos and videos. If Chinese water torture tickles your fancy, check out these 84 iterations of the Doctor Who theme. Alternatively, hang, draw and quarter your brain by following my Wikipedia edits, customise your heart out with this Excel periodic table or lose your sanity in the taxonomic strictures of the Northern Ireland micro-moth checklist. And should all that not spook you sufficiently, learn in 4 verses how a chrysalis can fly... 👻 #EatMySalad


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